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TiVo Celebrates Mother's Day by Uncovering the Best (and Worst) TV Moms of All Time

The Cosby Show's Clair Huxtable easily takes home the coveted TiVo title

Company Release - 5/1/2008 2:41 PM ET

ALVISO, Calif., May 1 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- It seems like TV moms can do it all -- solve problems, manage conflict, balance family and professional responsibilities -- all in less than thirty minutes. In honor of these super women of the sitcom and divas of drama, TiVo, (Nasdaq: TIVO), the creator of and a leader in television services for digital-video recorders (DVRs), today announced the results of an independent survey that ranked the top twenty TV moms of all time.

Spanning half a century of entertainment, the survey asked TV lovers to rank their favorite five TV moms from a list of twenty past and present small screen stars. The pool of choices was selected by a TiVo panel of TV experts. The winning TV mom was Clair Huxtable from The Cosby Show, with an impressive 58 percent of the votes, easily outpacing Marion Cunningham from Happy Days, who joined Carol Brady in a distant tie for second place.

Actress Phylicia Rashad, who brought the character of Clair Huxtable to life for years alongside comic legend Bill Cosby, thinks the character's real-life qualities were crucial in making the portrait click with viewers.

"First of all, she was a real human being. She was a devoted wife and mother with a great sense of humor and a definite awareness of her own self," said Rashad. "People look to the mother as the embodiment of the family. She was the mother that children love, that husbands adore, and that women want to be."

    TiVo's Top TV Moms
    1.  Clair Huxtable: The Cosby Show 58%
    2.  Marion Cunningham: Happy Days 37%
    3.  Carol Brady:  Brady Bunch 37%
    4.  June Cleaver: Leave it to Beaver 34%
    5.  Marge Simpson: The Simpsons 33%
    6.  Wilma Flintstone: The Flintstones 29%
    7.  Vivian Banks: Fresh Prince of Bel Air 27%
    8.  Caroline Ingalls: Little House on the Prairie 27%
    9.  Maggie Seaver: Growing Pains 25%
    10. Marie Barone: Everybody Loves Raymond 24%
    11. Peggy Bundy: Married With Children 23%
    12. Lois Griffin: Family Guy 21%
    13. Mrs. Partridge: The Partridge Family 22%
    14. Lorelai Gilmore: The Gilmore girls 20%
    15. Roseanne: Roseanne 20%
    16. Carmella Soprano: The Sopranos 14%
    17. Bree Van de Kamp: Desperate Housewives 14%
    18. Norma Arnold: The Wonder Years 13%
    19. Estelle Costanza: Seinfeld 13%
    20. Lucille Bluth: Arrested Development 6%

Looking at the list of moms above, it is tempting to wonder what their lives would have been like if they had a TiVo DVR. Imagine June Cleaver pressing pause when "The Beave" asked yet another question, or if Peggy Bundy recorded all her favorite programs, taking even more couch time away from Al. Only Marge Simpson had a chance to time shift, taking advantage of the TiVo(R) service in The Simpsons episode number 408.

While millions of Americans use TiVo to record and rewind their favorite moms on a weekly basis, viewers who are mothers themselves are not necessarily watching programming in hopes of picking up parenting tips. In the survey TiVo found 15 percent of those polled admitted to emulating the parenting style of a TV mom while the other 85 percent said they do not.

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About the Top TV Mom Index - TiVo commissioned a study to determine the top 20 TV Moms in history. The survey, conducted by eRewards Market Research, polled a representative sample of 1,507 adults with a margin of error of +/- 2.52%

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