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Macrovision Signs Tru2way(TM) Implementer's and OpenCable(TM) Contribution Agreements with CableLabs(R)

Company Now Building Tru2way-Compatible Products While Contributing Knowledge and Resources to the Development of Cablelabs' Tru2way Specification

Company Release - 9/16/2008 8:00 AM ET


Macrovision(R) Solutions Corporation (NASDAQ: MVSN) today announced that it has signed a tru2way(TM) Implementer's Agreement with CableLabs(R). The agreement will permit the company to build products based on CableLabs' tru2way interactive cable architecture. In addition, Macrovision has signed an OpenCable(TM) Contribution Agreement with CableLabs to allow Macrovision to provide additional knowledge, resources and day-to-day support toward the development of tru2way as an industry standard.

In the fierce battle for television viewers, cable operators and service providers are looking for new ways to reduce cost and resources involved with deploying their services. Tru2way, the underlying common platform for both cable service providers and consumer electronics manufacturers, streamlines the creation of new products and services and allows each industry to focus on their core expertise. As a technology provider for both cable and consumer electronic providers, Macrovision is a valuable link between the two industries, connecting both in the effort to create a more enjoyable entertainment experience for the end consumer.

Tru2way technology provides a common platform that enables STB and TVs to directly receive - in one nationally standard way - the wide variety of video-on-demand services, interactive program guides and other interactive features that cable systems currently deliver through many divergent network technologies. With a tru2way-enabled TV, consumers can experience true plug-and-play connectivity and receive interactive cable services without the need for additional equipment, extra wires or multiple remote controls.

"By 2013, we predict that tru2way-capable products could be deployed in at least half of subscriber homes," said Steve Wilson, principal analyst, consumer video technologies at ABI Research. "However, we won't see this change happen overnight. A reasonable and harmonious level of collaboration among industry leaders is necessary. By joining CableLabs to propagate tru2way as an industry standard, Macrovision is contributing to the successful and steady adoption of this technology."

The tru2way specification will be incorporated into the j-Guide, an intuitive guidance solution with advanced interactive features enabling cable subscribers to quickly and easily find and record the programs they want to watch; as well as Passport(R), an interactive program guide (IPG) that enables simple search, navigation functions and easy management of content. In addition, Macrovision's Connected Platform provides the key DLNA technologies for CableLabs tru2way Home Networking Protocol.

"Tru2way delivers a level of simplification and control that will usher in the next generation of capabilities for digital television viewing," said Steve Shannon, EVP of product management at Macrovision. "We are very excited to join CableLabs in its efforts to bring tru2way to more consumers and look forward to building this technological breakthrough into more of our products."

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